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Introductory Video: We Are More! (2013)

This video was created to help introduce the idea that gender-ideology labels are simply unable to reflect the fullness of beauty of who we are as persons. While it is true that any number of identity labels also share this shortcoming, at the time of writing, gender-ideology type identity labels were becoming more and more popularized by ever-advancing activist efforts. This video makes no attempt to teach theology or even address what it means to be a person, but rather it was created to solely challenge the “this is who I am” mindset, through the lens of whether or not it is sufficient to reflect the fullness of truth of who we are.

This video got noticed by several mainstream Catholic media sources, and was shared in North and South America, Phillipines, and Austrailia, among other locations. Without knowing its actual impact, we hope that it may have contributed to the shift in how we see people, from “LGBTQ+ or Straight,” to “persons first.”

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