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Our Approach and Mission

Pursuit of Truth Ministries (POTM) operates under the obedience of it’s local Bishop, amongst other Catholic offices. The mission of POTM is to help bring people into a greater awareness and understanding of why the Catholic Church upholds what it does as truth, on a variety of topics, through personalized invitational narratives, that are ultimately founded on logic and reason (yet aimed at the heart).

We strive to provide these resources without relying on Scripture, Tradition, the Magisterium, or Natural Law, because our world has by and large rejected those to be of any meaningful authority. This is not to be taken as a rejection of those items.

We simply invite all persons into a journey towards a greater degree of truth, regardless of where they are today or where they have been before. The position we are in today is of secondary importance to the journey we would like to take in the future, which starts right now.

We honor the fact that not everyone is ready to enter a journey into greater truth, and because of that, we encourage you to pursue greater truth however only in the manner (or to the degree) in which you are called to do. Notwithstanding, we do hope that you decide to take the time to grow in your understanding of the topics contained within this website, for when we take the time to learn about ourselves and others – and the beliefs of ourselves and others, then we are instruments in the creation and strengthening of our communities.

And finally, we welcome all questions, and hope to hear from you.

Andrew & The Pursuit of Truth Ministries Team


Andrew’s Personal Bio

Andrew is a member of Courage International, and a long time contributor to Pursuit of Truth Ministries. His specialty area is sexuality (and homosexuality), but he can also address matters of addiction (and pornography addiction), as well as more political matters such as the same-sex marriage debate (and defense).

Andrew is also one of the leading faces of the Friends of Courage movement, which was created to act as the visible arm of Courage/EnCourage – to be advanced by all willing laypersons, regardless of sexual attractions experienced.

Andrew has consulted for several international speakers and organizations, in addition to consulting for numerous school boards and dioceses across the United States and Canada.

Currently, Andrew travels to share his conversion story to elementary schools, high schools, and colleges, in both secular and Catholic environments. He also shares his story for professional development seminars for clergy, laypersons, and teachers.

For booking, Andrew can be reached at andrew@pursuitoftruth.ca.


About Pursuit of Truth Ministries

In 2011, Andrew was personally requested by Fr. Paul Check of Courage International, along with a team of three others, to help create resources that would be befitting of Courage International. With the blessing of Fr. Check, Pursuit of Truth Ministries was born (officially incorporated in 2012), as the organization by which these resources would be created, published, and distributed.

Pursuit of Truth Ministries does not solicit donations but rather raises it’s revenues primarily from the bulk-sales of POTM-branded educational materials, as well as the speaking engagements that are designed to reveal the effectiveness of those resources. With regards to official publications of Pursuit of Truth Ministries, they are all either approved for release by the office of Courage International and the author’s Bishop, in his or her home diocese.

All authors who contribute to this site do so with willful anonymity, with the overarching aim to have said contributions be picked up and used on larger sites with far more an evangelical or strategic reach.

The work appearing on Pursuit of Truth Ministries, and or composed and or edited by the contributors, has appeared in, or has been incorporated into publications (as a silent consultant) through the following media outlets:

Courage International http://www.couragerc.org

Courage Philippines http://couragephilippines.blogspot.ca/

Xt3 Australia http://www.xt3.com/

Patheos http://www.patheos.com

New Advent http://www.newadvent.com

LifeSiteNews http://www.lifesitenews.com

Chastity Project http://www.chastityproject.com

The Porn Effect http://www.theporneffect.com

Our Sunday Visitor http://www.osv.com

Catholic Answers http://www.catholic.com/radio

Catholic Digest http://www.catholicdigest.com/

Church Militant http://www.churchmilitant.com/

Catholic Memes http://catholicmemes.com/

Fr. Pontifex http://frpontifex.com/

Crisis Magazine http://www.crisismagazine.com/


This list is growing steadily.


As well, the authors have worked with several International Catholic and non-Catholic Christian speakers and organizations, radio stations, youth groups, college groups, and school boards/dioceses across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, as well as parts of Asia and Australia. Topics range from delivering general testimonies to how we can better respond in an evangelistic sense to how we can respond in an increasingly hostile climate, amongst many other topics..

Note that Pursuit of Truth Ministries has only one point of contact, and that is their email address. Again, that is for safety, but also to ensure humility, so that contributors will not be able to be accused of pursuing fame or self-glorification. All contributions are done without pay, and without expectation of reward. Note also that Pursuit of Truth Ministries, and all of its writers have pledged obedience to their respective local ecclesiastical authority.

All work done by Pursuit of Truth Ministries is done not to draw attention or traffic to their website. For someone to find the POTM website, a person would have to be shown or referred by someone else, unless they were to get lucky in an online search. There are no SEO tools in play, and the goal once again is NOT to drive people to the POTM website. The goal is, however, to do all that can be done to have the approved messages distributed as quickly as possible, and as much as possible, into the hands of not just clergy, but the most sincere and motivated lay-persons. This is so that the messages contained can be spread via the people (instead of the clergy). The purpose of this approach is to minimize the backlash against our reduced and overworked clergy.

Truly, this is a calling for those who are ready to enter a battle that is being fought between Powers and Dominions, and all actions must be led with prayer – including how one might respond to the invitation to cautiously yet urgently, share the resources that are contained within the Pursuit of Truth Ministries website.


Blessings in Christ



For verification of any of the information contained, please contact info@pursuitoftruth.ca stating your name and organization, and from there, your request will be investigated before being responded to. After sufficient investigation and or dialogue, more details may be released. This is a necessary means of safety at this point in time.

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