Yes, Some DO Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction

This is in response to “No, Christian—People are Not “Struggling With Same-Sex Attraction” which heartbreakingly undermined the narratives of people like me. Love may be love, but implying that person who experience unwanted same-sex attractions don’t exist? How is that love? How does that represent diversity?

As for the suppression of LGBTQ Christians (which is what that article was about), it is a topic worthy of exploring. Without a doubt, many Christians have not been charitable by any means. However, to a certain degree, this “suppression” may be self-initiated. How so?

Please allow me to explain…

  1. The idea that God creates a person to be LGTBQ (or Straight) is false, and embracing it reflects the choice to reject the Wisdom of the Church. For those outside the Catholic faith, it might be valuable to know that it counters all neuroscience and educational psychology, and even rejects what many gay activists have been saying for years. I invite the whole world to further examine this. This truth can stand on its own.
  2. Though attractions we don’t specifically choose, how we see ourselves is always our choice – and it influences what we perceive to be fulfilling. It also reflects our own earthly attachments, including our attachment to contemporary gender ideology itself, whether we describe it that way or not.
  3. Choosing to remain attached to identities anchored first and foremost on ourselves (based on sexual attractions/inclinations experienced) instead of God, reflects a form of idolatry. This, it reflects a willfully chosen impediment to holiness.
  4. It’s the Church’s purpose to draw us out of such impediments. Unfortunately, it’s our own stubborn attachment to our own ideas that makes us believe “this is who we are, and the Church is the bad guy for trying to get us to see beyond it.” Sadly, we are often so much into ourselves, we interpret the concern for our souls to be a personal attack. Sadly, we become further inwardly-focused, propping up our own experientially-achored version of reality, at the expense of pursuing greater truth.
  5. Our experiences die with us, while truth carries on. The Church knows that, but yet we seem to fight it by latching on to our own ideas even more so. Is this due to fear, perhaps? I don’t know.

I long for the day people will recognize that the Church isn’t trying to get us to pray the gay away. The Church doesn’t even care that we shift from gay to straight! Many of us “struggle with same-sex attractions” merely because we struggle with chastity itself! It’s just a matter of looking at it from a bigger picture! And I know I am not alone in my struggle with that! That is, the cares that we strive to become holy, and become unified with people on a shared journey. Struggling with same-sex attractions was so isolating, but struggling for chastity put me side-by-side with every other Catholic who genuinely seeks the Lord.

The Church wants us to honest with ourselves, but also open to fully dying to ourselves. And that means being fully open to die to our LGBTQ identities if we haven’t already. If we are closed to dying to ourselves in that way, then we reveal our attachment to this world. That is, we reveal impediments to holiness. How? Via the sin of idolatry, whereby our wholeheartedly embraced (and defended) LGBTQ identity is our idol.

My choice to depart from my prior-embraced gender ideology identity label wasn’t rooted in shame. Rather, it was rooted in facing the truth of who I am in Christ, while realizing that the Lord is giving all of us the chance to live chaste and holy lives. I also no longer wish to play into what that ideology wants, given that it aims to draw people away from Christian virtue. I have tasted the joy of pursuing a virtuous life, and now my life is no longer about merely managing my behavior “in order to be a good Christian” like it once was.

Rather, it’s about being completely honest with myself about my struggle with the same-sex attractions I experience (which exist within my greater struggle for chastity), while preparing my heart in holiness and virtue for the Lord.


Is It Okay to be Gay? | Comment Response

This is in response to a comment on an article on Chastity Project called “Is it Okay to be Gay

The comment is as follows:


And below is my response. Please consider prayerfully sharing.


Hi there- I think this is the saddest response I could have ever read (sad as in heartbreaking). Far too common though. When people choose to not attend, it is often due to a lengthy (and heartbreaking) process of having to choose truth over sentimentality. I know many people who have been verbally crucified by persons who are suggesting what you are suggesting- which to me reflects that we probably should have deeper discussions about what love really is, what sin really is, what holiness really is, and what virtue really is.

While the Catholic Church does not officially have a stance on whether a person ought to attend or not, at the end of the day you are responsible for hanging the millstone around your neck of you draw someone away from virtue and or holiness, by way of drawing someone into a deepening commitment that has at its very root, the rejection of the Order of Creation; the Divine Authorship of God.

Despite the fact that many same-sex relationships indeed can reveal a number of good human qualities and even degrees of complimentaity with regards to emotions or personality, they are still a commitment to a rejection of the Order of Creation in terms of biology (this is maleness/femaleness, and not perceptions of masculinity/femininity). While many people in opposite-sex relationships also do things that reflect a rejection of the Order of Creation, only one type of those relationships can be fully restored to reflect alignment with the Order of Creation to the highest degree – and that is the one that involved the physiological complimentarity.

I just find it sad that so many people are being dismissed as “intolerant” because they actually care about the state of someone’s soul.

I suppose the reassuring thing is that once we die, our sentiments won’t matter anymore and what will actually will occur will occur. That, however, will be based on the truths of this universe, and not by our sentiments or experiences.

And once we die, will those who were “wrongly” intolerant have their sin revealed, while those who “rightly” celebrated these types of unions be justified when they meet face to face with the Creator whose Order they chose to reject? It’s a good question for us to pray over. However, that’s the whole issue here; mere sentiments vs. upholding what has been authored into our universe.

Only one of those two things is going to matter after our final breath.

For the record, this is written with a heavy heart, for the sake of souls. And yes, I am the author of this article. And yes, it seems to prove yet again that if holiness and virtue are secondary to the idea of “behaving like a good Catholic”, there will be continued (polite) dissent as revealed in your comment, if I am reading it correctly (if not, please let me know).

Overall, the fact that the eternal riches of the Church that can be accessed through striving to live a holy life, remain “secondary” to the temporal satisfaction of celebrating happiness of people within a same-sex relationship, reveals to me that there is a lack of trust in God that He can provide something better.

I would prefer though, to not make assumptions, so would be happy to know your thoughts on sin, and how the temporal happiness of a couple can somehow be considered a greater priority than upholding the Order of Creation itself.

The question I would be interested to discuss is this: How can we celebrate the rejection of the Order of Creation, yet still claim we love the Author of it?

Seems to be like a commitment to a perpetual contradiction.

Your thoughts?

Dear Future Wife

This article jumps between 2015 and 2017.
This following section is from 2015.
Dear Future Wife,

I can no longer let shame convince me to remain silent. I hope and pray God will continue to prepare me to become a good husband and father one day. However, I have been plagued with temptation in many ways, and to this day, on occasion, fall to the use of pornography.

I hate it.

It’s not even about lusting after someone or something, nor is it about escape. It is out of an interior inclination to convince myself of the lie the Evil One speaks, that no one could ever love me (so I might as well indulge because I could never have a successful relationship anyway).

I know that doesn’t come from God, and in my heart, I don’t believe it is true.

The following section is from 2017.

I was exposed to pornography very early in my life. I continuously pursued that initial rush – it shaped nearly every decision that I made at that time of my life. I didn’t say a word about it because I wanted to run back into that fantasy and re-live it again and again – by myself. I was really motivated by greed in these early moments – being greedy with my time so I could re-experience alone.

Retrospectively, I see now how that initial foray into pornographic fantasy became neurologically entrenched through repetitious behavior. This is much like how a person who practices piano or a second language would have their brain neurologically influenced as well.

Dear future wife, that is what I was up against.

I had never fallen to temptation simply “because I wanted to watch porn.” In fact, I have never started a day with that in mind as something I wanted to do. And many times, I have been repulsed by where the pornography has taken me. Or rather, I have been repulsed by where I took myself in the pursuit of the high. I made choices and they contributed to my overall formation – in terms of relational disassociation from others. That is, my choices had unintentional consequences. My choices mattered. Yet I continued to make them in that way.

Through those realization, I realized I was powerless on my own. However, due to my weakness, I was strengthened in my resolve to look towards the Cross. Not just the Cross, but also the battered and bloody body of Jesus on the Cross.

This reminded me of how paltry my suffering was compared to His, and how I ought to always (to this day) truly turn outwards to God, instead of inwards into myself. Also, it reminds me of something greater to strive towards – full self-sacrifice and abandonment to the will of God – instead of choosing to be selfish with my time in watching pornography.

I knew that if I wanted to be honest with myself about having my heart fully open to God, I would have to be open to fully dying to myself and to my attachments of this world.

Interestengly, through much prayer, I found that I have never been able to pray a Rosary and also use pornography at the same time. I see now that it is because we cannot be both charitable and uncharitable at the same time. Every day now, also through conditioning, I successfully make the choice to pray the Rosary. There is a serious battle to distract people from doing so. Many of us need the support of others to maintain that sort of prayer regime. BE that support for someone else if you can. 

For many years, I lived the torture of having certain images flash before my mind; burned into my psyche. They would always increase at the sight of holiness, such as during the Consecration during Mass. That is not the mark of a mere addiction, but rather the influence of the demonic. However, since becoming aware of those dark forces, I realized that I MUST run towards our Blessed Mother every time. And yes, Christ could drive out any demon, but it is far more humiliating for Satan or any other demon to be driven back by Mother Mary, who was creation as a lesser order. It is also fitting to go to Christ through her, seeing as it is how He came to us.

For years, I prayed to God that He would blot those images out, and that the Precious Blood of Christ would not only wash over me, but also every person ever involved in the creation of pornography. Today I know God has answered those prayers – but it involved my cooperation. God always asks us to cooperate. For me, it literally meant placing the image of the suffering Crucified Christ over every image that entered my mind. It worked. Every time.

The following section is from 2015.

Dear future wife, when I lay with you after we are married, I want to see you, and no one else. Already I am overjoyed that God has begun to blot out certain memories. Some very vivid memories remain, but today those are now invitations to pray. They serve as a reminder of MY cross, and possibly even my purpose (which is to pray for others).

Through the power and Mercy of God, I have come to know that as His beloved child, I have been permitted this cross as an opportunity for the sanctification of my soul. I prepare for this cross by learning how to say “Yes” to God in other things – representing smaller crosses.

It is an every-day struggle. I acknowledge that the Demons are waiting for me to fall beyond the protective mantle of our Blessed Mother, Mary, who without fail has always directed me towards her Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have danced with Demons, and they rage at the fact that I turn back to Christ, and proclaim Christ as King of Kings, Creator of creation, and the One who has risen from the dead, giving us mere human beings a way to overcome (through Christ) the Prince of Darkness Himself.

To those who don’t believe, don’t just trust this word, TEST this word by praying a daily Rosary with your heart.

Today, I affix my gaze on the Cross. I cannot survive a day without it, and it has also helped me realize that unless my future wife is found through the Cross, and with a deep devotion to our Blessed Mother. However, I also know that together, we could make a real difference in this world, one heart at a time, if you were willing to walk with me with this massive thorn in my side.

I write this to share that just because a person is struggling to live chastely on their way out of a pornography addiction, that doesn’t mean that they ought to be written off. Yes, it is a HUGE red flag – but the lived pursuit of holiness and virtue is something to be weighed out as well.

In my case, I entered into it from the temptation to pursue curiosity, but remained within due to the actual neurological effects of the brain, and my prior lack of engagement in anything that resembled holiness. It wasn’t until I found a bigger “Yes” (to God) that I was able to over-write the neurological conditioning of my brain – and transform the desires of my heart.

The following section is from 2017.

A message for all women who are earnestly looking for a holy spouse: If you want to find a good potential husband, please don’t look merely towards one’s actions. Instead, look into one’s heart and whether or not they are willing to get up and try, try again, en route to greater holiness and virtue. A persons heart will be revealed by their attachments, as will their tenacious desire to restore holiness… or not.

Finding someone who is committed to Christ, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is cause for celebration, regardless of their cross.

Dear future wife, due to the suffering I had incurred within this addiction, I will be all the more diligent in doing all I can to hopefully minimize the probability of my children having to experience thensame thing.

I would not wish this affliction on my worst enemy, let alone a loved one.

Future wife, all I am asking is that you prayerfully look towards the heart of a person, and towards their fidelity to Christ. We all have a past, and in a sense, are broken brushes. However, God still uses all of us to paint His masterpiece. Again, all we have to do is cooperate.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, a holy and chaste spousal relationship, open to the blessings (and hardships) that God permits, is now possible.

Blessings in Christ,


St. Faustina

Jesus said to me today, You often call Me your Master. This is pleasing to My Heart; but do not forget, My disciple, that you are a disciple of a crucified Master. Let that one word be enough for you. You know what is contained in the cross (Diary, 1513).

The Pursuit of Unity

Today there is increasing division within the Church.
People are following their consciences into all sorts of places. People have all sorts of ideas of what it means to be a “good Christians” but I wonder how many of those ideas are connected to the pursuit of holiness?


Keep in mind that we are called to strive towards holiness.


And note: holiness is NOT just for those who have become saints. It’s for US! And it’s attainable… but simply choosing God.
But what does that LOOK like?


It looks like us falling in line with nature.


In this way, holiness is sort of an “environmentalism for the body and soul”


Let’s think about environmentalism: We strive to hone and respect the earth, and Nature itself.


Living in Alberta with the Oil Sands reveals how deeply people apparently want to do that – companies have entire departments devoted to restoring the land to it’s original state as best they can.


Why would this matter, if we did not’ believe there was a truth of Nature to be restored?

And the cool thing is that this is something we can all get behind, because we know in our hearts it is good.


But Nature is more than the earth. It is the visible and the invisible.

– Its why sheep follow a voice while cattle need to be driven
– it’s while people walk dogs instead of dogs walking people

– It’s why we know that something is WRONG when a parent has to bury their adult child….  I realize this is heavy, but I have yet to meet someone who thinks this is the way it ought to be.

All of those reflect nature in an invisible way.


Nature is visible as well…
– banana trees don’t produce oranges,
– planting a tree in wet cement will probably not be good for it,
– living creatures are restored to their nature over time, in as much as they can, after being pulled away.  Looking at lungs of people who quit smoking is a prime example… or the hormone levels of a person who decides to go off “the pill.”


We are a part of nature. We HAVE  a nature. We are restored to our nature, over time. It is written into every cell of our bodies.

In Church language by the way, the word Natural comes from Nature…. it does not have to do with what “feels” natural or what comes easily to us.


Holiness … is merely our choice, because of our love for God the Creator, to uphold what He has revealed in Nature. Holiness is us practicing environmentalism for the body & soul.


When we practice that, we can let go of fighting against it. We can let go of squabbling over who’s conscience might be “right.” We already know that even those who want to destroy the Church also follow their conscience… it’s just not a good way to measure if we are living up to the standard of love that God is hoping for.


When we practice the pursuit of holiness, while keeping in mind it is intimately linked to respecting the Art of the Divine Artist, as revealed in our very own visible and invisible human nature, within the greater Order of Creation,… it is then that we truly give God the glory.


And it is then that our faith can be strengthened along the journey towards further unity.

All I Wanted Was To Belong

I have always desired to belong.

For whatever reason though, I most often saw myself on the outside looking in.

As a young boy, I believed I didn’t “measure up” to the other boys. I didn’t enjoy doing the “boyish” things. Thus, because of my disinterest, I didn’t put the effort in to excel in those ways. I was picked last or near-last more times than I could count. It was like re-living a humiliation over and over again.

Even though at times I was welcomed into “the fold” so to speak, deep down inside, I still didn’t feel like I belonged. Retrospectively, I see how that points to the far deeper issue of self-worth. I tried so hard to belong but retrospectively I see how my desperation to belong actually pushed people away.

Around grade six, I began to idolize the boys who were closest to me. “If only I could be like them.” The first phone call I ever got from a girl was during that grade… but it was only to get the phone number of one of those friends. Just one more reason for me to believe (at the time) that I didn’t belong with the boys.

Around that age, I began to notice that I becoming more attracted to those boys. It wasn’t sexual/romantic at first, but there was a deep longing in my heart to be close to them. However, in feeling like I didn’t belong with the boys, I had already (for years) been gravitating towards the girls. I was influenced by them. I fit in with them. I became like them. I belonged with them. And eventually, I began to see the boys as being complimentary to me… almost as the missing piece of me that I desired.

I felt ashamed – that part of me wanted to lean over and give one of my same-sex friends a kiss on the lips. I felt shame because I wanted to be held by them and made to feel special, as though I did belong – albeit perhaps in a different way; not as a boy… but as a girl. Whether people think its right or wrong, my eleven year old heart felt deep shame. In an attempt to run from the shame I internalized, I continued to feminize myself. At least, within that, I felt comfortable in my own body. I felt like I was being more true to “who I am.”

I was questioning myself and my identity. Today, I imagine that I would have been welcomed as second Q in the LGBTTQQ community. And I kept it to myself.

I turned inwards to pornography to hide my heart from others. A person on the screen couldn’t see how I truly felt about myself. They couldn’t judge me. They couldn’t reject me.

I was living a lie; deeply hurting on the inside, but presenting myself as super happy on the outside. My running from myself drew me into more eccentricities behaviours. Anything to keep me from facing myself.


I went as far as investigating sex-reassignment-surgery. There came a point where I truly believed that that is what I needed to do in order to be happy. I was convinced that I could only be happy as a girl. It matched with my earliest memories of hoping that one morning I would wake up and be a girl the next morning.


One day, however, in my mid-20s, I had a moment of truth. I looked in the mirror and realized that the path I was on was spiraling out of control; crazier and crazier. I couldn’t run any longer. Looking into the mirror, I asked myself, “What have you become.” It is true, I made choices that brought me to this point.


None of my choices at that point, were aimed towards Jesus Christ. I knew of Him, but I didn’t yet know Him in my heart.


In my desperation, around that time one night after using same-sex and transgender pornography, I finally stood up and formed the shape of the Cross with my body. I finally let God in. I stood there in my apartment and wept as the Lord flooded my soul with His love and Mercy. I asked the Lord to put His whole crucified body over mine. And He did.


And then I knew. I belonged in Him.

Transgenderism and the Pursuit of Self-Honesty

Transgenderism and the Pursuit of Self-Honesty

Recently a life-long friend of mine posted a photo of his daughter’s kindergarten artwork which included the words “boys can wear dresses.”

With transgender inclinations being a part of my story, it really struck my heart, and I knew I had to “come out” to my friend and share why. I hope you may be open to prayerfully hearing my voice.

Below is my letter to him:

Hi [name], as a little boy I wanted to be a girl. I wasn’t shamed into silence but I was also not encouraged into it. It just wasn’t talked about. Retrospectively I see now how I rejected what I perceived to be “male” because of how I never was really affirmed in my value and worth as a boy. My older brother always won when we played together, and I learned a perspective that I didn’t have what it took to be a boy (in my young mind). I gravitated to the feminine. I wanted to wear feminine clothes, and do feminine things. I was repelled by the things that boys were into, because they reminded me of how I didn’t feel like I belonged with them.

If I was born today, people would be celebrating me in a dress, and I would have craved that positive attention and reinforcement. I didn’t seek that out until my teens. The point: I had mistaken maleness/femaleness for my perception of what it meant to be a boy or a girl (which I can now explain to be my perception of masculine and feminine.

The social disassociation that I experienced is not necessarily uncommon. And it’s not the fault of any kid. But I see this playing out over and over again- the mixing of the physiological reality of maleness/femaleness with the moving target of gender perception, or one’s idea of what it means to be a girl/woman or boy/man. What gets lost in this state of lack of clarification, is the reality that interests and activities don’t make someone a “boy” or a “girl.” I know we both know that, but some children within the environment of affirmation are being told that it does. And it can serve to set them on a path of trying to embody that more and more physically. This is what I was doing in my life more and more, probably to the age of about 25.

I wish the whole world could just chill and recognize that just as a girl might want to wear pants a boy might want to wear a dress, and none of that makes them any less loved, or any less of a person.

Today I know a man isn’t made by the haircut, beard, or any other outward feature/activity. I had to learn that it was about the interior heart. But that only came after years and years of trying to find myself within the caricature of a woman, within my secret double-life. Even though I wanted that, and it suited my comfort zones, I knew I was fighting my biological reality. And nature always wins.

Striving to find my value and self worth in my sexuality has caused me great strife, as you know from being a friend who was there to listen as I poured out my life to you multiple times. (I am very grateful.) Over the last several years there has been much healing in my heart (helping me know that I am loved and lovable, and that someone could possibly love me). I have learned how to grow and relate to men better and have come to understand that it is okay that I have an affinity to certain things the world calls “girly” lol but none of that ought to be what I base my identity on anymore. While I did, I knew I was misleading myself.

I remember hoping that someone could accept me and my attachments. I held onto them because of fear of the unknown, fear of letting go, and fear of something better. Today, I have something better, and it came through facing my biggest fears, and letting go. Today I am at peace.

Had I been born into a time where people would have encouraged and affirmed me to wear dresses and more and more embody the “feminine” I would have continued to find my identity within that. I can guarantee that because at the time, I know it was exactly what I wanted. However, the inevitable next steps would have included a future “transition” to become “who I really am.” I realize this is not common to all, but it is for many. It’s like how not all people who go to a casino become gambling addicts, but many gambling addicts go to a casino. I realize none of that would have addressed the underlying peer disassociation that I experienced.

Now, a boy wearing a dress might be completely harmless. The real issue is how people around that boy might shape his identity. That matters because this influences self-concept, and thus life choices going forward.

[Name] I love you as a friend more than words could probably describe. I know I am here today because of your merciful heart open to listening to me. But I had to write this, because there is so much more to the story on topics of gender everything, including cross dressing, and matters of identity formation. And there are others like me who while being young and very impressionable are having their entire life outlook and sense of self concept, influenced in these innocent ways. I couldn’t speak for myself with this insight when I was young. I wonder how many other young people are like me.

And nature always wins. If I would have gone the distance and transitioned (which I considered by my early 20s), I would have been fighting nature every day if my life. I would have been lying to myself that I could come out on top within that battle. And my journey towards that point was aided by everyone who gave me the nudges of attention/affirmation in that way over my most formative years. And there were many.

I’m sharing this to hopefully shed some light on the idea that accepting differences is one thing, but forming a person’s sense of self concept is another. I know what it’s like to be on the verge of telling parents “I am gay” and I understand the trauma of feeling hidden. I also know the joy of being able to confide in someone and know I am not alone. I also know the freedom of coming to peace with who I was created to be. I don’t want to fight nature every day of my life. I just want to be free. While I found that in Christ, what breaks my heart the most is that I know others have found that in ending their life.

I just hope that every kid knows that they are not alone. But I also hope they realize that no matter what we do, what we dress like, or what our interests may be, we still have beautiful gifts to offer this world as males and females, regardless of how masculine or feminine someone might actually perceive themselves to be. Most of all, I hope that every kid has a world that I didn’t; a world where they know they are loved and where they belong.

With love, your friend,


The Underground Church is Now

A friend asked me this after I shared the news about how the state can now take away children, if the parents fail to affirm them within an LGBTQ identity.

Yes, you read that correctly. Welcome to Canada. A “free” country, unless you believe something other than what is commanded by government.

My response to my friend was as follows: “It’s worse, because the people here don’t even realize they are being taken over.” I didn’t know what else to say, as my heart continued to sink.

Perhaps if the Canadian government rolled in with a Red Army of their own to beat people down from time to time, more people would wake up. But, if people are socially engineered to desire the shift, then the Red [Canadian] Army need not have to work very hard.

It is the genius of societal take-over… get people to want it themselves. It’s actually the best (and easiest) way to transform the world.

The fact is, Canada doesn’t need an army to do this. They already have mainstream society to beat people down with shame. The tidal wave of pressure can only be responded to with a life-raft of prayer, because swinging a sword won’t make any difference.

It is time for us to seriously consider an intergenerational plan to rise from the ashes of a decaying society. There is no time to run around like the sky is falling. It already has. It is time to mobilize, and strengthen one another within our identity – and to see ourselves as not of this world.

To quote the Muslim men and women I heard while in the mosque, “We are not like the world. We are Muslim.” If only others could have heard the Muslim children mocking the “western world” for all of its sexual perversions (their words, not mine). The kids didn’t want anything to do with the westernized world, other than to give the illusion that they were the peaceful people next door. What goes on in the mosque stays in the mosque. Unless someone gets in under the radar when people’s guards are down.

Perhaps we could learn from them, instead of feeding our children into this world of decadence, anchored on the pursuit of gratification without an understanding of the value that can be given to suffering. We might do well to learn that, because that is going to be coming our way sooner than later at this trajectory.

The point: We are beyond the time of clamoring for rights and freedoms we once had. The world has changed, and we have to respond to the spiritual reality of it. A Spirit of Deception has crept in – even within the Church. Just the other day another Catholic I knew decided to mock the family who was ousted from selling berries at an unrelated market because they didn’t support a same-sex wedding on their property. Just the other day a heard of a sibling being reamed out by their family in atrocious ways for not attending a same-sex wedding ceremony. Just the other day I heard of yet another child from a Christian home who rejects the sex they were created as, and who has chosen to embrace a gender ideology identity.

This is a spiritual battle and we have to fortify our children before sending them to the wolves. The problem is that there are wolves within the Church too. This means, as parents we have to be extra diligent in knowing who is who… and who is open to growing in the fullness of virtue and who is not.

Also, we need to ensure that we are aware of who is willing to fully die to themselves for the faith or not. That will separate the wheat from the weeds. Let us be the first to live that out. The Church rising in other parts of the world will one day learn about our downfall retrospectively, so that history might never repeat itself in this way again.

As for us, it’s too late. It is time to pray, and build “the Catholic Underground” in Canada.

After much suffering, The Church will rise again.

An Open letter to Jim Gaffigan

Dear Jim, I think you are a great comedian. However, the post about loving your gay kids leaned more to the political than to the humorous.

One fruit of that particular movement is that it has drawn many people to shame Catholics who uphold the idea that chastity is a calling for all people. Another fruit is the cementing of the idea that people are “created this way by God” and or are “born this way” – both of which are false and recognized as such by the APA as well as a number of major gay activists, never mind everything that neuroscience has to say about the impact of environment on overall formation. A third fruit is the inhibition of clarified language which prevents people from encountering the opportunity to understand the language of the Church at the very foundation.

These statements of course are for people to pursue on their own, lest I be accused of indoctrination.

In any case, wherever the movement has taken root, the Church has been decimated, because mindsets are contagious – especially when they are linked to an experience (such as having fun at a parade). As well, within the parades, there is rampant objectification of men and women, scant dress and a lack of modesty, and available pornography in print or live form, accessible to children (I have seen this with my own eyes). At some parades, there have been public sex acts on the floats and in the streets.

The question is this: Do you want to support a movement that advances such things?

If you are truly desiring to support a movement where people can belong and can flourish as persons first, while being fully honest with themselves about the existence of their attractions/inclinations, there is an organization called Courage International. Within it, the people definitely are honest with themselves about the attractions/inclinations they experience, but they are choosing the “yes” of chastity, motivated by their love for Jesus Christ. They don’t need to parade their identity in their sexuality, because they have moved beyond that frame of reference. That’s what happens when a person pursues holiness. However, their stories are off the radar of most people, including most Catholics, because we are sick of being beaten down as “self-hating frauds” every time we share a story that counters the mainstream narrative.


Catholics who support the Pride Movement are the very reason why we can’t even stick our heads above the trenches to be heard; it’s because we get devoured by other Catholics.

This is truly abhorrent in a world that teaches tolerance. As I told one of my friends – it’s not that I am afraid to stand up, but I am also NOT ALLOWED to stand up. Why? Because Catholics who have embraced gender ideology have turned the whole critical mass against us. And if you don’t believe me, go look at how The Desire of the Everlasting Hills is not being promoted within the Church, while pro gender ideology programs are.






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